I just can’t risk contributing to the over-abundance of women offering surface level spirituality – it’s disturbing to me & if I don’t make some changes, I’d almost rather stop teaching altogether!!

For me, it feels so incredibly unsatisfying to be amongst a culture of shallow spiritual consumerism, that cheapens Sacred Feminine work & sacred work in general. I get that everyone needs to start somewhere, however it’s indeed time to up-level that starting point.

In the bourgeois, new (c)age, surface spirituality ‘communities’, one quite simply needs to wake up and aim higher, at this very point in time.

It’s become more about making an income by propping up one’s immature ego need to prematurely be seen as a leader/ teacher, than it is about TRUE, SACRED, EMBODIED, SERVICE.

And no, leaking your sacred life force energy all over the world, by parading your ungrounded sexuality around on social media is NOT a sign of how adept you are with sexual arts or feminine embodiment.

I’m not adding to the sexual shame women want to be free of, by highlighting that you are capable of more. And I’m not condemning making a living out of being of service, because that is necessary.

What I’m talking about, is sincerely inquiring as to how you can be of high service to the world – because it’s likely the answer is NOT going to be: yet another woman casually offering ‘priestessing’ with the same yoni / cacao / plant medicine ceremony/ insert the latest shamanic trend to be part of here.

Please ask yourself: what is it actually serving, aside from your bank account, your spiritual ego & your genuine need to be seen – which is NEVER going to be truly met via social media, or within that paradigm.

Stay with me a moment on this, because I’m offering suggestions as a way out of those shallow & murky waters, rather than just complaining about it.

The conversation about cultural misappropriation has tried to address this shallowness & has somewhat, however I’m pointing more to the more personal inner journey of it all.

I’m not judging any individual woman involved in this – I am clearly pointing to the distorted paradigm itself & stating that it needs to be DISSOLVED.

How do we do this?

I’ve been very aware of the build up, of this particular collective wave in the Sacred Feminine community for quite a few years. It started forming like a tsunami when this work suddenly began to hit mainstream popularity.

When I felt the frequency of it coming through women I was meeting at my live events, I stopped teaching public workshops. It was a very distinct energetic shift that happened in time.

This is why I have been focusing only on professional training for a while, (because that is how I’ve been able to contribute to giving women in this field the chance to grow some roots first).

To be fair, anything that hits mainstream popularity gets distorted. In the bigger picture the distortions are part of the process, of when something is in the early stages of getting integrated into a social culture, that’s already so full of programmed psyches.

Attending to dissolving the internal distortions is something no one is exempt from in this confronting & messy, spiritual birthing process.

I am constantly tracking my own journey in deep personal practice, with resonant therapy & by always continuing to deepen my level of consciousness, by direct transmission based learning with the pioneers who’ve come before me.

I’m sharing this with you because if you are reading this email, I believe you desire to be a woman of substance. If you feel personally offended by anything so far, I suspect it’s because you know I’m reflecting something that you are part of.

It’s not your fault if you got into this when the distorted energy field was already established, however it IS now your responsibility to aim higher.

What I see with most women beginning to teach ‘Feminine work’, is that the internal navigation system to actually grow deep roots, is not even switched on.

This is to do with pre-existing cultural programming, & with the unconscious desires to be accepted, that have a woman conform to what’s socially popular, propelled by unconscious survival urges.

Quite simply, THAT momentum takes priority over the time and inner process that is actually required, to establish deep roots, on a very personal level. The use of social media and marketing is part of it. I say more about that here.

The marketing world will tell you to just jump in, even if everyone else is already doing it (& you know you aren’t offering anything new) – but I’m sorry, that is misleading bullshit designed to make money off your deep human need to be seen, and to get into the spotlight prematurely!

Yes you are special, and your voice is important, but not if you’re just regurgitating what others are saying – that’s not YOUR voice.

Are you still with me?!
It’s a delicate process for me, who wants to be so supportive of women coming into their own. Because I actually DO care about you, I’m not going to mislead you, even if you hate me for it.

I’ve been suppressing my voice on this for too long already. Those who do train with me, get to meet my uncensored & fierce views on female sovereignty, though I’m still learning to be that uncensored about my perspectives publicly.

I want to share with you some ways that I see women can navigate through the distortions. It’s not realistic to expect yourself to stay clear of it entirely all along the way, because the level of murkiness is immense. Pretending otherwise is only doing yourself a disservice.

How can you help dissolve the distortions within you & within the collective wave of Sacred Feminine work?

* stay very attuned to your own inner process of growing deeper roots – this means: give it MORE attention than you do social media/ building your business.

* learn direct with the pioneers or elders in your field, and be receptive to a transmission of consciousness that runs through their offering/ approach.

* engage in a deep personal practice that you show up for regularly, or daily if possible – this serves to dissolve distortions of the immature ego instead of inflate it.

* open up your world view beyond the shallow waters of bourgeois, surface spirituality, by tuning into what life is like for the majority of humans on the planet at this time. It brings perspective. It will mature you & inspire you to aim higher for your contribution to society.

* ask from a deep part of your being, how your gifts can be part of integrating evolutionary insights/ practices into society, for real human development, instead of just preaching to the converted in online fringe communities.

* receive real therapy (I recommend somatic psychotherapy), and 1:1 mentoring with those who have the skills to really tune into where you are at, so you can be met in ways that group work & solo musings cannot provide.

It’s just empowering the inner patriarch in the form of perfectionism, to not give yourself the opportunity to deeply reflect, on how you are travelling with these suggestions.

Checking in about it regularly, is essential.

My nervous system feels relieved having shared this with you. If you are still with me, know that I respect & celebrate your sincerity. I sense the depth of gifts it will bring you, for what’s truly possible for you in this life.

Alongside offering professional training, I am feeling called to work with women & girls in non-western countries and cultures who so genuinely need what I share.

And because of how I’ve deepened in my own journey lately, I’ve made a significant change to one of my training certifications…..

the Feminine Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training program is now becoming a longer, more substantial process with extra preparation before, and integration after the live intensive. Read about that here if you would like to know more.

I sincerely wish you well navigating what feels to me, like the aftermath of a tsunami that’s been sending shock waves through the Sacred Feminine field. I believe this to be all part of dissolving the patriarchy, which exists in women’s psyches as much as it does in the outer world.

If you want to establish yourself with real roots into yourSelf and your true service work, I am among those who are providing deep containers for your true personal & professional evolution, in the area of progressive Sacred Feminine education.