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About Shakti University:

The life-giving awakenings women are having in sacred women’s events are more popular than ever before, in our current civilisation. Far from just feel-good experiences, the results of these women’s teachings & practices are actually serving as preventative medicine.

When delivered with depth & skill, the impact of this profound learning with ‘Shakti University’, is something that ripple effects out, to create healthy connection with other women, with our children, partners, communities & to the whole planet.

Depletion, stress, anxiety, emotional toxicity, auto-immune issues, body dismorphia, disconnection to feeling, weight gain, fertility issues, birth trauma, relationship break-downs, lack of intimacy, lack of confidence, uncertainty of purpose, stacked generational trauma & dissatisfaction in sex, are extremely common in women who have not explored how to nourish themselves with Sacred Feminine wisdom.

Restoring, rejuvenating and cultivating relationship with our Feminine current, actually creates a re-alignment with self that deeply impacts us on psychological, emotional, physical, sexual & energetic levels. We all are born through a woman, and so when women are nourished, everyone wins!

Eventually it will become common knowledge that women living in alignment with the Feminine current of life = wellbeing for all.

About Dévashi Shakti:

Dévashi is a Sacred Feminine Evolutionary who has been sharing her path of devotion for a few decades. She is an intuitive, empathic guide who will effortlessly take you deeper into yourself.

As an educator, mentor, somatic psychotherapist, coach & bodyworker, Dévashi has over eleven thousand hours assisting people to experience awakening & integration of their internal energy. Beginning her professional path as a healing guide in 1997, Dévashi found her way into women’s mysteries & sacred sexuality at a young age.

She is the modern founder of Female Tantric Yoga for women’s bodies & a visionary leader in mystical feminine embodiment education. Her approach integrates the embodied pleasure of Spiritual Sexuality, with the emotional intelligence and trauma resolution of progressive somatic psychotherapy, in Source connected coherence.

Dévashi helps women to align with their sovereignty & learn about their lady powers, in safe and sacred environments.


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