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Diploma in Women’s Somatic Psychotherapy Coaching

Feminine Medicine Coaching™:

With the rising numbers of women seeking out quality guides in Sacred Feminine wisdom, there is a need for skilled therapists and coaches who can provide 1:1 therapeutic somatic psychotherapy / coaching services that we all need along the way.

Traditional psychology can be helpful to a point, but the skills of progressive Psychotherapy bring incredible results in the areas of trauma resolution, somatic attunement & embodiment. The more masculine model of coaching can lack emotional depth & bypass the value of feelings and somatic intelligence. Meanwhile women’s spaces can be great at facilitating emotional detox, but sometimes it can focus too much on the past & lack the forward momentum found in effective coaching.

This new training is where the deep feminine mysteries join forces with progressive, forward movement of Somatic Psychotherapeutic Coaching. It’s for consciously designing our lives, with our inner Feminine + Masculine intact.
It’s intended for women who want to feel confident to offer 1:1 personal services to clients as a therapist or coach. It is also a thorough personal pilgrimage for deep personal healing, embodied alignment & self transformation.

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