Feminine embodiment is where real evolution is at for women, all around the world.

If you want to awaken your Deep Feminine magic….. you will WANT to be part of this six month initiation journey!

Dive in to really know & embody your power as woman, to experience the profound life upgrades of operating from your Feminine energy, or to have the skills to guide your clients in their awakening.

You are actively wanting your next levels of growth. You have already done many personal development courses, but you sense there is so much untapped potential within your Feminine nature.

Absolutely – YES there is!

At Shakti University, we believe that our Deep Feminine technology, will shine the light on your authentic soul path, by you fully entering your feminine body - not by being lead through life by your mind alone, or by constantly looking outside of yourself for the next big thing.

The truth is:

You are already a living feminine mystery school.

The secrets to your soul path as a female, already live inside you. If your current yoga style or spiritual practice isn’t opening that right up for you, as a felt sense in your body……something is missing.

unique female form houses the feminine frequency codes that only YOU can bring to this Earth. We all have differences as women, and so embodiment is supposed to be expressed differently through different individuals.

And as much as there are benefits to traditional yoga or unisex embodiment styles, why practice like a man, when you have so much amazing feminine power to unlock??We are wonderfully complex as women & we need an approach that directly supports that, (not one that denies it).

This includes eg. thinking that maybe something is wrong with you for experiencing fluctuating energy levels throughout the month – questioning yourself about this is a sign you have given your allegiance to the male approach. Instead get to know and love your lady powers!

Our bodies, minds and spirits are incredibly strong, yet we are also exquisitely tender, vulnerable and receptive. We as women are naturally wired to function with a great potential to be non-linear & we get to harness that to our advantage, as part of coming to know ourselves as embodied women.

What if the innate sensuality of your sacred feminine body were there to light the way on your spiritual path?
What if you could harness the power of your feelings, harmonise with your hormones & respect the deep wisdom of your female form?

In a world that’s far too obsessed with being busy, being perfect and fitting into an illusionary idea of how life should look – we help you identify those false feminine templates & break free from the mediocrity, so you can embrace the liberation of your full spectrum female nature.

This Feminine Initiation intensive training, offers you practical feminine embodiment wisdom and practices, to transform your own life, and to guide other women if you are called to do so. It was downloaded by a life long devotee of Sacred Feminine consciousness, rather than through the male lineages of spirituality and yoga that are more commonly available.

It draws on the infinite power of nature, knowledge of woman’s wisdom through all life phases, female Tantric technologies, female Taoist sexual alchemy, modern psychobiology, Goddess activations, somatic psychotherapy, breathwork, somatic trauma therapy, quantum science, sacred bellydance & lived wisdom from many years of teaching experience with women of all ages.

Feminine embodiment – the yogini way - is both a science and an art.

Imagine having the foundational content for teaching feminine embodiment, to craft your own unique way of teaching and leading women. We encourage you to bring your existing skills, interests and passions, to cultivate your own specialisation of feminine embodiment practice.

We offer this unforgettable opportunity to embody your unique feminine power, in a safe & supportive environment. With 6 months to immerse yourself in daily feminine wisdom and embodiment practices, you will emerge with your own customised personal practice, and the skills to begin teaching if you wish.

It starts in July 2020 with online learning, then we meet for the 3.5 week long residential

intensive: October 12th to November 4th.

Then we continue online into December 2020 for integration from home.

The live-in women's temple environment is a unique and highly transformational part of the initiation experience. Not many women have the blessing this experience brings, or know that it even exists! To be surrounded by evolutionary sisterhood is profoundly life altering, deeper into your authentic self. 

How would your leadership in life and business be impacted, with the chance to learn from the world pioneer of Sacred Feminine Yoga?

Dévashi Shakti has been the first yogini teacher to create and offer a full 200hr teacher training program in feminine yoga, specifically for woman’s body. She is a mystic and a world leader in female somatic psychology, and in feminine embodiment practices. Dévashi is passionate about creating safe environments for women to awaken their Shakti, without the complications such as abuse of power often found in the Tantric world. With an extensive background in Tantric bodywork, sexual alchemy and women's ceremony, Dévashi is the modern pioneer of female tantric yoga for women's bodies. She has over 13,000 live hours guiding people to connect with their inner world, through the gateway of their bodies. Her commitment to providing sacred education to women has been a life long journey, that began in full force back in 2003.

The live intensive is assisted by past students who have already been in this training, and who maintain their personal feminine embodiment practices at home.

Graduates have the option to immerse in the live intensive again, to continue deepening their own evolution, and to receive the healing our community brings. Amazing benefits are available to graduates, to continue integrating this training into their lives over time. To enter this training is to enter a global community of authentic, loving sisterhood that genuinely cares about you.

This Teacher Training with Dévashi  was one of
the most intense, awakening, nurturing, alchemical
experiences and perhaps one of the best investments
I’ve ever made in my life.

I loved the full month of immersion which allowed
me to dive deep into my own personal practice,
expansion and development but also equipped me
with the skills, resources and embodied knowledge
to feel confident to teach and guide other women

Empress Zone, Melbourne Australia.

The world designed for men that we were born into, is currently changing with the planetary Feminine awakening process. And yet, the slant towards men or male bodies, is still the norm in movement and mediation practices. Few have questioned this unconscious male bias that is in the human psyche.

Even though most western yoga classes are full of women......yoga came from male gurus, for the male bodies of boys and celibate men - it was never intended for women's bodies specifically, nor for the modern female psyche....and yet most women operate like men, on & off their yoga mats, without even realising what they are missing - it's just felt inside as an emptiness that keeps them searching outside themselves, until they find the way home through their Shakti awakening.

Fitness and yoga teachers are trained to give safety modifications for menstruation & pregnancy, however the differences between male and female bodies are vast. We show you how to enter into those natural womanly experiences to unlock the power within them, rather than just work around them, as though they are just functions of woman's body, without a mystical component.

The way women flourish when encouraged to bring their real feminine current onto their mat, is nothing short of astounding. And this awakened energy WILL flow into other areas of your life, into your bedroom, into your relationships, creativity, and into your soul work.

Receive the practical and mystical feminine technology that will be yours for the rest of your life!

This training is well worth the investment for your own growth, even if you never choose to teach. It will impact every area of your life regardless of whether you wish to certify as a Feminine Embodiment Yoga Teacher.

If you do feel called to share aspects of the training with your clients or students, we encourage you to do so with your own unique specialisation, and give you the practical business skills to help you succeed.

What will you learn with us?

Women's Yoga

  • History & Herstory of Yoga
  • Shakti Activation In Embodiment For Women
  • 4 Sequences For Fertility/ Lunar Harmony
  • Goddess Breathwork & Feminine Meditations
  • Feminine Yoga to Awaken Female Bodies
  • Stages of Evolution in Feminine Embodiment Yoga

Women's Health

  • Female Hormones & Your Fertility Cycle
  • Physical & Esoteric Anatomy For Women’s Bodies
  • Women’s Wholistic Health & Nutrition For Long Term Vitality
  • Female Cycles, Seasons & Phases Of Womanhood
  • Emotional Balancing & Psychological Self Care
  • Women’s Nervous System Repair & Restorative Self Care
  • Emotional & Physical Pain Transmutation
  • Mystical Menstruation teachings

Female Sexual Vitality Methods & Practices

  • Feminine Tantra
  • Taoist & Shamanic Women’s Healing
  • Pelvic Floor Health  
  • Jade Egg Practices
  • Conscious pregnancy and birth teachings
  • Conscious menopause teachings
  • Empowering somatic cueing for women's bodies - revolutionary!
  • Primal Feminine Instincts, Intuition & Somatic Healing

Teaching Skills

  • Facilitation Skills for Guiding Women's Embodiment 
  • Facilitation Skills for Guiding Women's Circles & Ceremonies
  • Feminine Embodiment Teacher Certification from Shakti University
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification with the International Yoga Alliance
  • Confidence & Communication in Feminine Leadership
  • Trauma Informed Somatic Intelligence Teachings 
  • Class/ Event Sequencing & Presenting Skills

Valuable Bonuses for Graduates (included in your training rate!)

  • Professional membership with IICT for insurance
  • Online library of all movements & meditations to refer to later
  • Private graduates only community for professional connection & support
  • Invitation to do the integration process again with future graduates (free)
  • Invitation to attend the live training immersion again (at a reduced rate) 


  • Dévashi's Certification course to teach the Queen's Compass - usually $497 

The SFY Teacher Training with Dévashi  was
one of the most intense, awakening, nurturing,
alchemical experiences and perhaps one of the best
investments I’ve ever made in my life.

I loved the full month of immersion which allowed
me to dive deep into my own personal practice,
expansion and development but also equipped me
with the skills, resources and embodied knowledge
to feel confident to teach and guide other women

BSc (Hons) MSc Eq. Sci. RAnNutr RYT~200, Gold Coast, Australia

We support youin the training to get intimate with your natural gifts, and to bring that together with your existing skills and interests. Of course you will refine it more later, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to get professional & community feedback on your intended focus, so you can go home feeling ready to teach.

If you complete the hours and pass the assessments, you will receive your 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification for teaching Feminine Embodiment Yoga.

What a great beginning: to be acknowledged for your talents by the loving, global sisterhood who will continue to cheer you on, even after the training is done.

Here is a sample of the daily schedule:

7:30am – 9am Morning Embodiment Class

9am BREAKFAST (fresh healthy menu)

10:30am Morning Session 

1pm LUNCH (with no cooking or cleaning for you!!)

2:30pm Afternoon Session

4:30pm Afternoon Break most days

5pm Evening Session


We keep most evenings free so you can rest, connect & sleep early. We also enjoy some silent days, and you get some days off for rest & study - or let go of the assessments and just be with us for your own personal immersion retreat.


This is a six month personal initiation training, which also includes a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program, for those who wish to teach. Attending all of the hours are required for certification.

A complimentary coaching consultation will assess whether this training is suitable for you & your professional vision. Request more info to get info about scheduling that online video call.

    This was a transformational journey filled with
    mountain highs & deep valley descents – my
    training experience was phenomenal. Not only do
    I feel fully prepared & confident in stepping forth
    into the world as a yoga teacher, I feel more
    complete & whole as I re-enter into the world as a
    woman. It was fantastic & revelational to journey
    with so many women over the course of 30 days,
    to experience sisterhood in ways I’ve never before
    dreamed of, as well as giving me the chance to
    develop an even deeper connection, appreciation &
    honoring of what it means to be a
    cyclical female being. Thank you!


    What else can you expect?

    Revitalise your dedication to live as an embodied woman

    Awaken your depths in the motherland of yoga, in India

    Real transformation in what it means to you to be born female in this time

    Discover & develop a new womanly approach to your personal evolution practices

    It’s an initiation experience to be amongst a focused group of women for six months! The learning goes beyond the amazing curriculum, into genuine personal discovery 

    Practice nourishing methods of self care for long term vitality & peace of mind, without overriding your nervous system, ignoring your needs or stepping on your own boundaries

    Be the vessel for more nuanced depth in your leadership or teaching

    Effortlessly create more intimacy & connection in your relationships

    Receive downloads on your niche specific focus work on your soul aligned path

    And enjoy the chance to enjoy a wifi & social media detox as much as you can - optional

    The training investment is separate to the food & accommodation fee. Your training venue fee goes direct to the training centre in India. The lodging fee covers all your food and accommodation for the 3.5 week live immersion. Book early for first choice of room preferences. Find out all these details during your complimentary coaching call.

    Our location for 2020 is India, at a secluded place in Goa. It's away from the busy areas, so you can focus on going deep in your training process.

    At this training venue you can expect:

    • 3 delicious meals per day (fresh Western/ Indian style, quality plant based healthy food)
    • Herbal tea + snacks or fruit at breaks
    • A swimming pool & a variety of sitting areas
    • Open air yoga training hall surrounded by nature
    • Friendly, warm, helpful staff & teaching assistants

    Upon successful application & registration for this feminine awakening initiation and training experience, we send you detailed logistics - including info on transport & more.

    We highly recommend arriving a day or two early to India, so you are well rested before the training begins. We also recommend to stay at least a few days after, so you can enjoy the exotic environment with your new sisterhood tribe before you fly home.

    1st July to 30th December 2020
    Online + in India

    Please request further information to find out about this year's Feminine Awakening Initiation Training rates. Payment plan options are available.

    We know that this will be an unforgettable experience for you, a magical investment to up-level your aligned soul path, and your quality of life as a woman!
    Take your place in this circle & step into embodied
    feminine leadership, in your life and business.
    This training is for you if:
    • You have passionate enthusiasm for learning the women’s way of movement & meditation
    • You want foundational women's yoga training without having to start with the masculine lineage styles of yoga teacher training
    • You are open to explore deep feminine methods of personal healing, because you wish to embody it, not just teach it
    • You are willing to be vulnerable with a community of women where much growth can happen
    • You value sacred teachings and want to offer high integrity education & learning environments so more women can awaken their Shakti safely
    • Being authentic & embodied, to teach with integrity is important to you
    • Focusing on the training for 6 months is something you can commit to
    • You want to learn inner alchemical practices designed for women, not just physical movements alone
    • You aren't sure yet if you want to become a teacher, but you really want to receive this experience for your own healing & awakening 
    This training is not for you if:
    • you are expecting the traditional linear masculine approach to yoga
    • you are not willing to explore your own deeper feminine energies & expressions
    • you are not able to regulate your emotions to harmoniously participate in a group
    • you are not open to guidance from the trainers on how to learn & embody this work
    • you expect to get a certificate just because you attended the training, without passing the assessments or embodying the practices & methods - we take this seriously to ensure only quality teachers and leaders graduate 
    Find out more about this intensive Feminine Awakening Initiation + Teacher Training program
    More info on how this training is different & why it’s valuable:
    • This training is based on the work of a world’s first Founder of Feminine Yoga for women’s bodies, Dévashi Shakti, who created the mother form, Tigress Yoga® in 2005
    • This training sees female sexuality as an integral part of embodiment, yoga and spiritual awakening for women
    • This training offers the ONLY comprehensive 200hr women’s yoga teacher training program in the world, exclusively for women’s bodies, taught for women, by women
    • The video library our certified teachers get access to, is an invaluable resource, to keep the training content fresh for you, no matter how much time passes
    • The trainers & assistants are experienced graduates who go deep in living this work in their own personal lives
    • The intensive nature of the training experience truly is an initiatory experience to learn how to handle yourself in group dynamics for when you are teaching, so you can genuinely lead & guide other women at your events
    • We integrate women’s health with embodiment yoga for women’s lunar phases & life cycles, so you can teach the real life experience of yoga for women’s bodies & understand it
    • Our training attracts women from a broad range of ages, countries & communities, so you get to be part of a real life, international women’s circle & stay in touch with everyone after
    There is no other training like this available.
    Are you ready?
    The application process:
    1. Request more information, and you will be emailed with further details - check your other inbox!
    2. Schedule a complimentary coaching consultation with the Founder, Dévashi
    3. Upon acceptance into the program, pay your $1,500 (non- refundable) deposit to secure your place
    4. Complete registration with Sam, our Office Manager who will show you the process
    5. We add you to the private Facebook group where you can meet the other women attending & perhaps arrange travel together
    Are you ready to live from your own
    embodied feminine leadership?

    My experience with Dévashi who taught and created the Sacred Female Teacher Training was invaluable.  The space was held so that I as a woman could explore and express all that was moving through me.  There were times that I experienced great depths that I could never have perceived possible without this intensive program.

    I felt safe and supported in the midst of my deconstruction and reinvigorated creating space to explore and further reclaim my sensuality, my primal instinctual feminine wisdom, and my right as a woman to be fully present with life on earth in a pleasurable way.

    The training created space for me to understand and experience healthy concepts of sisterhood, receiving, giving, trust and learning to connect to myself and others as an adult woman

    Counsellor in Melbourne, Australia
    Find your Feminine Source!
    The deer searches for the scent of it own musk. The woman for the source of her power. When she attributes it to others, she empowers them. When she stops her search, she realizes the truth. Imagine the accomplishments if she started her search. At home within herself.
    from ‘The Tao Of Women’
    Find your Feminine Source!
    The deer searches for the scent of it own musk. The woman for the source of her power. When she attributes it to others, she empowers them. When she stops her search, she realizes the truth. Imagine the accomplishments if she started her search. At home within herself.
    from ‘The Tao Of Women’
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