There are a few core topics that I find so important to keep anchoring into – no matter how many times these subjects have been visited before, if it’s not being embodied on a regular basis, the issue will continue because it’s not about what you know, it’s about your feeling frequency of it. THAT is the humbling thing and this is where the real thing of embodiment happens – beyond what you know already in your mind – it must be digested, experienced, anchored and applied to daily life. 

How do you know if this masterclass could be for you?
Is it your desire to practice self love, but you struggle with staying committed to what’s most important to you in life? Do you intend for unconditional self support with your mind and emotions, but feel weighed down by old self perceptions from the past? Do you get caught up in distorted thought trends like “charge what you are worth”, and you want to make more money but it’s just not flowing the way you want it to? Did you have an extra challenging time with the family you came from, that continues to haunt you and mess with who you are becoming now as a woman, even if you are now 40yrs old or 50+ ? 

I invite you to a potent short course that is intended to continue being your anchor of experiential practice for you to master INNATE WORTHINESS. 

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