Be Your Own Muse
2021 Women's Mastermind

with Dévashi Shakti

Reality Creation for women has an approach that works with us, in harmony with our female physiology, and the power of our feelings. YES - instead of your emotions getting in the way of what you want, they could be your most powerful ally. Imagine all that energy being freed up to actually serve you, because now is the time for self worth, courage and living in your sovereignty.

We simply just KNOW when it's our time for self re-invention. You are tired of the old ways, the old patterns holding you back, and you are ready for more. You know you could fumble around for longer on your own, doing your best but you have a sinking feeling that something from a new angle is needed to help you bust out of your own way! Even though it feels a little scary, and even though you doubt your ability to really have what you want, it still keeps speaking to you - whispering to you of living your life in another way.....and you simply know that to be part of an intentional deep dive will unlock places that aren't happening trying to do it all by yourself.

Aside from learning how to experience self transformation as a truly fun process, my womanly approach to self transformation is something that will not only work for you now - it will continue to serve you for many years to come. You get to apply this alchemical process to transforming your life in the ways important to you now, and you can later apply it to your continued expansion after.


Imagine feeling so congruent with your desires, by experiencing them via your direct Divine connection........ evocative, enjoyable process of self transformation, where you get to grow and receive even more than you thought was possible for you.....even amidst the world chaos

.......with an intimate small group of women where you feel safe, held, and encouraged to expand yourself in ways that you simply wouldn't do alone

you re-arrange how you see and feel about yourself

The reality is you are a child of God/dess, a Source being of infinite creative intelligence. Your unique essence is needed in this world, and it's needed now - but first, free up the internal energy, the womanly way - so you can manifest + sustain the beauty of your soul path

CREATE THE SOVEREIGN ECOSYSTEM YOU NEED TO co-create your life from your authentic divine connection

"I had a massive internal & external shifts"

Before this mastermind journey, I was stuck in the matrix - dealing with a lot of stress, overworking, and I was judging myself harshly. During this year I experienced coming home to my body and sensuality. I let go of my stressful job, and now have new empowering roles at work that align with me. I unplugged from the matrix, building back my connection to the Earth and Sophia.

I dressed more boldly and challenged my self identity in new ways.
Realising how much shame was there, I had massive internal & external shifts in my sense of self, body confidence and sexual desires. It was so supportive to be witnessed by the group though this powerful process. -  Melissa, Psychotherapist 36yrs

you are already a living feminine mystery school.

"I unlocked and unleashed aspects of myself that I could not do alone" 

I joined the Mastermind journey as I was wanting clarity and clear direction. My heart ached as I knew so much distraction was coming from my mind yet I could not see the way. I often lived with self-sabotaging cycles that kept me retracting back into my cave. I felt held by Devashi and our group of sisters. Through process I began to embody the woman I am and all that she stood for and held. Today as I sit here feeling into the new version of me; I feel strong and stable, fuelled with passion, yet contained and safe. I am open to the constant changes in all that surrounds me as I approach crone.  I feel playful, content, open and free. This mastermind journey with Dévashi unlocked and unleashed aspects of myself that I could not do by myself.  - Prema, Yoga Teacher, 60yrs

It's way more fun together and the results don't come from always lone-wolfing it....

Everyone who participated last year said they simply would not have allowed themselves to receive so much of what they really desire, if they were not part of this mastermind. It's not necessarily because you don't know how to do it (you probably have gathered a lot of tools already by now), it's simply that the human default mode is to stay the same, rather than to grow. Being part of a curated environment with an atmosphere that calls you into your higher reality, gives you a way to commit to yourself. 

Working with an experienced mentor and being part of a focused group energy field, is not something you do just because you don't know enough already - it's valuable because it will expand your results. It's been tried and tested by the most successful people in the world, that focused environments to grow in bring the best results, every time. Imagine how potent it is when done in the Feminine way!

The luxury of being guided is that you can enjoy expanding your capacity to RECEIVE - which enhances divine flow, pleasure, abundance, and self love. And you get to experience all this with the world founder of Female Embodiment Yoga, without leaving your home.

What the Women's Mastermind involves:

  • A year of transformation with my signature guided process with evidence of real tangible changes 
  • Potent group meetings for the step by step self-reinvention process
  • Recorded resources to raise your vibration throughout the year 
  • Private 1:1 sessions to give you the personalised support you need 
  • Guidance from a world founder in Evolutionary Female Sovereignty, with transformational mentoring, embodiment & a unique reality creation process
  • A year of transformation with my signature guided process with evidence of real tangible changes    
  • Potent group meetings for the step by step self-reinvention process   
  • Recorded resources to raise your vibration throughout the year   
  • Private 1:1 sessions to give you the personalised support you need   
  • Guidance from a world founder in Evolutionary Female Sovereignty, with transformational mentoring, embodiment & a unique reality creation process    

"I am now rooted in enoughness"

Before I began this mastermind journey I was dealing with constant exhaustion, confusion and doubt. My internal reality and external reality were not congruent. Despite so much personal development work and spiritual exploration, I still felt broken. During this incredible year of reconfiguring my identity, I got to let go of all that was taking up all my internal space and keeping me stuck in the past - depleted and externally focused. I no longer place value on what others think of me above being true to myself. I discovered that how I wanted to feel, and the life I wanted to be living was fully available to me in my current reality. I am now rooted in enoughness. I trust in my alignment and I am deeply connected with how important my role as a woman is. I have witnessed how the shift in my energy has positively impacted and health and happiness of my son and partner. I now understand how to be the creator of my reality, versus living by default and at the mercy of the madness of the world.  - Kate, Domestic Goddess, 37yrs.

Raise your frequency by nurturing and attending to your 
female body as the sacred chalice portal that she is

"I'm no longer trying to fix myself"

This journey has helped me to connect back to my heart, to express parts of me that I never allowed to come out.  Before I thought that I needed to fix myself to be the person that I wanted to be. Now I have experienced that it is all about allowing myself to express my unique essence in this world. The container with other sisters that cheered me on and witnessed me felt so nourishing and safe. Dévashi helped me to go really deep and unpack what I was not allowing for myself. This unique offering is truely life transforming. I wish that every woman would have the experience to be held and supported in such a way. - Nair, Strategic Advisor, 38

"I absolutely LOVE Tigress.

......and everything that you are, Devashi. This is the most unique feminine yogic practice, I have never resonated with yoga really, so it is such a delight to have found you. Tigress has helped me open my sacral/sexual energy centres in the most gentle and loving of ways, with effects such as greater pleasure, bliss: you won't be the same after you try it." - Ezzie Spencer of Lunar Abundance

Dévashi is a dedicated channel for Evolutionary Female Sovereignty. She loves supporting women to use their creative power for alchemising pain into power, for living in the flow of authentic ease. Think of her as your spiritual faery godmother! who loves to see you be free, whole, and in alignment with your authentic soul path.

She is the Founder of Tigress®, Shakti University, and is a leading pioneer of Female Embodiment. Dévashi has over two decades of teaching experience in emotional alchemy, feminine embodiment, somatic therapy, and as a women's ceremony guide. As an evolutionary priestess & somatic psychotherapist, she is dedicated to offering sanctuary spaces for women to build their capacity for holding higher frequencies of their own soul signatures. Dévashi is of the Krystos-Sophia soul bloodline offering initiation, training and alchemical education for women to remember their own ancient Divine Feminine coding.

"Whether the transformation you long for is about your life or creative business success, it all comes back to your personal ENERGY. Doing all the things on a practical level still won't bring the results you want, if your personal energy is not flowing how it could be. The good news about this, is if you be and do what it takes to transform your personal energy, along with shifting your approach towards receiving what you want, it actually works...the full spectrum Feminine way......and it's really fun!" - Love Dévashi

Is it your time to re-invent yourself?

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