Somatic Feminine Meditations

This unique approach to meditation for women by Dévashi Shakti, is more like a full body prayer, where you get to experience yourself as the channel you are, a female conduit between Heaven and Earth.

It involves connection with your female body rather than disconnection from it, in order to meditate. It is a very different approach to meditation that women easily resonate with. This feminine approach will feels different than traditional or the more common male lineage methods……which means you can come as you are, and it will help you to enter meditative states in full connection with your body.

“Devashi’s meditation guidance is exquisite in its depth and capacity to hold and walk with us as we come home to our bodies and beingness of multifaceted layers. From a profoundly embodied anchor she guides us to open and expand into what moves through us, and to deeply align with the truth of our essential self, opening and connecting to the divine flow of the greater organic matrix. I am an experienced meditator and cannot be bothered with many recorded meditations. I make an enthusiastic and growthful exception for Devashi’s, as her approach feels so natural and effective to me and she offers such with masterful embodied insight, direction and love. So much gratitude. I will certainly be recommending it to people.” – Sonia, Yoga Teacher

“Somatic Feminine Meditation is a gentle ride back home to my body. This practice has helped me to shift into the fluid & multi dimensional realms of my female form where I’ve often felt shut down or shut out of with other meditation techniques. It’s like my cells are sensually serenaded out of silence & attuned to the hum of the earth…a potent portal of yum!!!” – Jayne, Equestrian Scientist

The album is available only via Apple iTunes for now. Follow the link, open the iTunes Store, and purchase to listen as offline downloads. Then enjoy and let me know what you think.

Love Dévashi