1:1 Private Immersion

A highly personalised mentoring immersion with Dévashi is a deep return home to your true self. Ultimately it will help rebuild your field of Sophianic Coherence in the ways you are ready to receive that – soul to soul, woman to woman.

What results happen from a private immersion?
Authentic inner union, feminine energy awakening, empowerment in relationships, mystical sex, direct divine Source connection, reweaving your receptivity to God, and creating your daily reality from your full spectrum female sovereignty is what unfolds, in the ways most needed for you. Exit the false world matrix and build yourself a strong inner foundation for long term alignment, embodiment and success..

 Private mentoring outside of the Rebirth intensive training is possible, though it’s only possible for a few people per year. One off sessions have not been offered for many years. Immersions include 3 months of weekly or fortnightly video sessions + audio message contact throughout the time in this container, $5500 USD. By application only: make your request here: devashi@tigressyoga.com