After many years of having Devashi as a teacher I was drawn to personal mentoring with her to better understand the dynamics of my intimate relationships and gain clarity around the next steps on my vocational path. I was particularly impressed with her level of intuition in highlighting underlying themes and helping me identify the blind spots of my inner landscape which she gently reflected to me.

Devashi held a deeply respectful space, allowing me to arrive at aha-moments in my own time as I unravelled years of social conditioning and self-suppression. My mentoring journey with Devashi has allowed me to ground a more unshakeable version of myself with a greater appreciation of the powerful woman that I am in all facets of my life!


When I came to see Devashi, I already had a foundation of feminine and Tantric practices, but it’s been a few years since I’ve ‘checked in’ and my life was displaying a clear lack of feminine nourishment. My relationship, although happy on the surface felt spiritually strained and my business and creative life was stagnant and out of whack. Basically, it felt like I couldn’t catch a break! Thus, I was seeking to reclaim the long-lost essence that was so familiar to me all those years ago – but this time around, older and wiser I was shocked to discover that I didn’t have the right tools.

Based on my experience, I am very discerning with my spiritual teachers. Thankfully in Devashi, I saw a wisdom, authenticity and regality that has proved it self true time and time again during our work together. She really does carry a higher frequency and space that I wanted to be a part of and guided by – and I am so glad I did.

Our sessions were an effortless dance between work, soul and romancecentered conversations. Despite what was showing up in my life at the time, Devashi was always subtly helping me weave an inner foundation that would empower me to make higher grade decisions in my life from a very strong and feminine space. No matter what my concern was, it was always tied back to the way I related to my power, and Devashi had a way of explaining and helping me embody the teachings in a practical, confident and relatable way.

As a result, I am so much more aware of my true essence, my energy and power. It feels amazing to know who I am, both as a teacher, a woman and a partner. I also have some very practical tools to manage situations that may arise with ease and grace (seriously!). These sessions taught me how simple and rare true female embodiment is and have been the portal to waking up even more insight in me that has been previously unexplored and unknown. I would recommend the work to any woman who wants to explore her feminine mysteries and shine a light for others during this exciting next human evolution phase.


I approached Devashi for some sessions to help with moving on from an experience that I was struggling to process. The sessions really targeted a core issue around inner authority and trusting instinctual body wisdom around boundaries. I have committed to anchoring a new level of being inside myself and I came to this place within: I feel something different inside. Deep deep inside. A new essence emerging and filling me up from deep within.

I love it so much. I can just stand in my kitchen felling within, a new sense of self with my new senses. Satisfaction feels soft but full, smooth with emotional warmth. So slowly, being within. The fulfilment of being, of resting in myself, feeling good down into my depths. Feeling ok to be me, more than ok, feeling so fulfilled to be me. New rivers of being and feeling are flowing through me now. Expansion, openness, boldness, pleasure, sensuality.


“Before I was dealing with constant exhaustion, confusion and doubt. On the one hand I was lonely and isolated and the other saturated and overwhelmed. My internal reality and external reality were not congruent; while I projected an image out to the world of being calm and content, on the inside I felt deeply frustrated and in moments, rageful.

Despite so much personal development work and spiritual exploration up to that point, I couldn’t help but feel broken. My role as a mother and a long-term partner felt like a weight and a blockage to living an abundant life and I was operating from a deeply engrained belief that earning money and having a thriving business was my path to freedom and fulfilment.

During this incredible year of reconfiguring my identity, I got to let go of all the habits, relationships and old mental stories that were taking up all my internal space and keeping me stuck in the past, depleted and externally focused. I overcame addictions to self-suppression, sugar, caffeine, social media and victimhood and came to feel and know the truth of who I am, beyond the 3D level which has allowed me to anchor a whole new level of boldness in how I express myself.

I no longer place value on what others think of me above being true to myself. Through moving beyond my codependent patterning and sealing up energy leaks into the matrix world, I discovered that how I wanted to feel and the life I wanted to be living was fully available to me in my current reality as a devoted mother and partner. And I’ve finally let go of chasing money, worldly success or any need to prove myself to feel worthy or powerful.

I am now rooted in enough-ness and have given myself full permission to let joy, pleasure, relaxation and radiance to guide me in life. I trust in my alignment and I am deeply connected with how important my role is and how supported I am in it. I see myself as a powerful space holder and domestic goddess and have witnessed how the shift in my energy has positively impacted and health and happiness of my son and partner. The most effective part of this transformational year long journey for me was understanding how to be the creator of my reality, versus living by default and at the mercy of the madness of the world.”


I first heard Devashi speak on a podcast, and the resonance of her voice drew me in – I thought “I want what she’s having” I’ve been practicing and studying yoga since I was a teenage, and teaching for over a decade – but I decided to work 1:1 in private coaching with Devashi because I was after something deeply personal.

Devashi and I met once every 2 weeks or so via Skype, for the better part of a year – and the work that we did together completely rearranged my life for the better. I ended a 7 year relationship that wasn’t a good fit for who I’d become, I healed a chronic pattern of illness, and I reconnected to the joy and pleasure in my everyday life.

I’m now in a new relationship unlike anything that I’ve ever experienced before – we have a deep, soul level connection and enjoy the most meaningful, spiritual sex – stuff that I didn’t truly realise was possible for me before I started working with Devashi. So if you want to reconnect to your magnetic, feminine self – the part of you that makes life feel like a magical, sensual experience – find some way to work with Devashi. She’s the real deal.


This journey has helped me to connect back to my heart, to express parts of me that I never allowed to come out. This increased my range of expression and gave me internal permission to let more of myself be seen. Before I thought that I needed to fix myself to be the person that I wanted to be. Now I have experienced that it is all about allowing myself to express my unique essence in this world. The container with other sisters that cheered me on and witnessed me felt so nourishing and safe.

Private mentoring with Dévashi allowed me to go really deep and unpack what I was not allowing for myself. This is unique offering that is truely life transforming. I wish that every woman would have the experience to be held and supported in such a way.


Being mentored by Dévashi has been deeply transformative for me. When I started this journey I was in the throes of an on again/off again intense and toxic soulmate relationship and dealing with the incredibly challenging biochemical addiction that comes with that. Tigress was already a big part of my life and, because of that, I felt a huge incongruence between the situation I was in and what I knew I was worth. With Dévashi’s support, I felt able to step into my power and find the conviction to walk away for good and for that I am beyond grateful.

Quite frankly, that result alone would have been enough. Since then though, I have been able to create a relationship with myself that I have never had. I’ve gone from having an underlying state of hypervigilance to feeling deeply supported and held within myself. I now prioritise time with myself and have felt the huge benefits from that, this is now non-negotiable. The most pleasurable result though is the aliveness I have connected with in my body. In journeying home to myself I have been able to regularly experience expansive orgasmic states of bliss throughout my whole entire being that I didn’t even know were possible. This has been transformative, in many ways. I feel like I have all I need and there is immense freedom and joy in that!

There are so many other things I could mention but, in a nutshell, what I have loved most about being mentored by Dévashi is having this incredible woman being able to reflect back to me what she sees in me. She somehow sees beyond whatever happens to be going on in my life and can allow the space for me to get clear about who I really am. Even in those moments of silence, I can feel my whole entire being realign and that allows me to be present to all of who I am. This is a gift I would give myself a thousand times over! Oh, and I want to add in there….for the first time in my life I’m loving that I’m a woman. I feel feminine and luscious and I love that! 🙂


Before I began this mastermind journey, I was stuck in the matrix – dealing with a lot of stress from overworking. After experiencing such embodied bliss in the feminine embodiment yoga training in Costa Rica last year I was judging myself for not doing the things I knew I should be to take care of myself. I was also judging myself for clinging to the matrix, knowing I had a bigger mission and not knowing how to begin. I was desiring more connection and support from my relationship.

During this year I experienced coming home to my body and sensuality. I made space for my desires and found expression. I let go of my stressful job and unplugged from the matirx, I stopped and took time out for myself. I built back my connection to the earth and Sophia. I took time to understand what was going on in the world and align to my mission. I renegotiated my relationship and my job, I expressed my desires and needs and was ready to leave both rather than abandon myself. I dressed more boldly and challenged my self identity in new ways.

The most efective part of this transformational year long journey for me was playing with my expression through clothing, particularly my boudoir shoot. Realising how much shame I had around being judged for expressing myself was huge. Shopping for lingerie with all my fears and inadequacies and by the end feeling confident in a sex shop was a massive internal shift in my sense of self and has give me a lot of body confidence as well as liberated an disempowered eve part that had shame about her sexual desires. It was so supportive to be witnessed by the group though this powerful process.“


The year of transformation for me was phenomenal. It has been a huge transformation. It allowed me to see so many new things about myself. In the private sessions I felt Dévashi could see my blueprint or shine a light on that, which I couldn’t. I think we need a guide, someone to help us see ourselves where we can’t do it for ourselves, and I certainly couldn’t. I couldn’t see, I thought I was being authentic but I was spiritual bypassing, and I didn’t even know what that was! I couldn’t see patriarchy and how that is around us in every facet.

These things allowed me to view things differently and then the embodiment practices allowed me to come from a completely different space than from the mind and heart space, which is what I was doing – I had been creating through the mind and working with my heart but I was missing the juice of working with the Feminine through the women. When I was able to work with this instead of pushing it out, it was a massive transformation. It was huge for me. And now I’m in the felt sense perception and when I can come through Her, my whole world changes.

My whole life has changed. And it’s so much for the better, its unbelievable! It doesn’t matter what I do now; when I come from this different space of my own authority and nobody else’s, from a different space of aliveness it’s absolutely fantastic. I really recommend it if you are looking for big transformation or you feel blocked somewhere, or it doesn’t feel embodied all the way through. Dévashi, you have such a gift to bring so much to light – within me you certainly did so I thank you