My name is Clare, I am 49 years old and currently work in community services as a personal counsellor. My experience with Dévashi who taught and created the Sacred Female Teacher Training was invaluable. The space was held so that I as a woman could explore and express all that was moving through me. There were times that I experienced great depths that I could never have perceived possible without this intensive program. I felt safe and supported in the midst of my deconstruction and reinvigorated creating space to explore and further reclaim my sensuality, my primal instinctual feminine wisdom, and my right as a woman to be fully present with life on earth in a pleasurable way.

Learning the philosophies of Sacred Female Yoga and feeling deeply into the practices has shifted my perception toward myself and how I relate to others. I was able to learn and integrate from my womb and heart space the value of self regulation and woman psychology and I now feel an ease with ‘going as fast as the slowest part of myself’ especially when I carve out time and space for myself daily. The training created space for me to understand and experience healthy concepts of sisterhood, receiving, giving, trust and learning to connect to myself and others as an adult woman.


It is much more than just a certification to become a Feminine Yoga Teacher. It’s a month long intensive process of diving into the feminine, that will initiate profound personal transformation. It will change your relationship with yourself, and with other women. It presents an opportunity to experience being held, witnessed, accepted and received by sisters, and the healing that comes from such love is life changing. It’s not a program to be taken lightly, it truly feels like an initiation and a gift to myself. Much love. Thank you Devashi.


This is not only an amazing teacher training program, but a deeply intensive & effective journey into embodying your truth as woman. An incredibly rich & insightful experience – even if you don’t intend to teach yoga. I loved it so much!


It has been a deep dive into myself. It is more than a teacher training – it is an initiation to embody your soul – to root down into your body and live from your essence. If you need to be reminded of your wholeness and the power of attuning to your feminine energy, this is the immersion of a lifetime. Deepest gratitude for the reminder & for the reunion of soul & self.


Dévashi is a font of knowledge. She embodies this intellectually, emotionally & physically, and because she has this she also embodies this spiritually. Dévashi’s not a guru, she helps women become their own gurus. She helped me on a path to finding not only my purpose but my spirit. Thank you! If you’re on a journey to become the best, most empowered version of yourself, then DO IT! This teacher training provides you with the tools & skills needed for that. Even if you don’t want to become a yoga instructor, it does not matter this is more than yoga. This personal development, which is a study of personal freedom.


To attend this training is life changing. To experience this is transformative, healing and powerful. It’s a gateway into what you are searching for, into the freedom, peace and connection that you are longing for. I can’t even properly put words on what this journey has been for met yet, however, I know this journey has been an initiation that every woman on this planet is seeking, whether they realise it or not.


“I’ve been on a bit of a personal development PhD over the past couple of years, diving deep into areas of my life that I’ve spent a lifetime running from. By far the most pivotal, life-changing work I’ve been involved to date is with the gorgeously beautiful, deeply compassionate and otherworldly-wise Dévashi Shakti.

This work has forever changed my life landscape on all levels and connected me to an amazing global community of empowered, kick-ass, soul-sisters. Now, more than ever, we need genuine, embodied divine feminine energy to seep from our souls once again.

I see this work as a huge investment not only into myself but also my daughter and wish I could gift this to every woman on this planet. I cannot recommend Devashi’s work and mentoring highly enough. She’s deliciously divine, utterly authentic and is the absolute embodiment of all she teaches.


 It will change your life. You have no clue what you are signing for, neither who you will be after the training. And it is part of the program. There is lots of practice time for actually teaching, and lots of transformative experiences. Time to think about how to create your unique yoga class and awesome, true feedback around that. If you feel attracted, go for it! You will not regret it.


The teacher training was next level! I loved every aspect of what we learned. Honestly, the attention to detail in each woman embodying the poses was incredible. Safety was always a priority and I was so impressed with how much we went over the poses in different ways, so our bodies could really anchor it in. There was such care, such support and fantastic feedback.

This will be one of the biggest gifts you will ever give to yourself. You will be going for the yoga teacher training, but you will be receiving SO much more. This is no regular yoga teacher training and that’s why I knew it was for me. It is a space held in such love and integrity, that parts of you will open up in ways you can’t imagine. I have never felt so safe and so seen, the way I felt with Dévashi. She truly embodies ALL that she teaches. This is a gentle process, but it’s deep. You will not leave as the same woman who arrived. You will have sacred sisterhood and a feminine yoga that leaves you feeling nourished, sensual, empowered and tapping into your own deep ancient wisdom, and your soul’s essence of who you really are. It’s honestly been the
most sacred experience of my life


A lot of love permeated the training. The space that you held was safe & certain, which allowed me and the other women to journey deeply. I can hand on heart recommend this training as life changing, transformational, it not only meets but goes beyond your expectations, it’s a gift to your soul’s growth & an opportunity of a lifetime.


Dévashi is so true and authentic, and powerful but approachable. I really felt her love throughout the entire process. The teacher training program was life changing for me & it would be for any woman who feels weighed down by the world & is ready to embrace their feminine essence & power. This training is about so much more than just teaching yoga. It’s about shedding all our beliefs & ways of behaving that keep our dreams & ways of behaving that keep our dreams & desires out of reach. It’s learning a whole new way of being in the world, which is anchored deep within our own bodies and our own truth.


The SFY Teacher Training with Devashi was one of the most intense, awakening, nurturing, alchemical experiences and perhaps one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life.

I loved the full month of immersion which allowed me to dive deep into my own personal practice, expansion and development but also equipped me with the skills, resources and embodied knowledge to feel confident to teach and guide other women through this practice