With an international community we can’t always meet in the physical, so lets explore deep personal practice together from your lounge room!
……every month you can do Tigress from home

…….go deep with us live or from the online class library

…….we rotate the days and times to suit all the timezones for our members

AND, though we are online, the feeling of connection with each other is real!

The Tigress Membership will keep inviting you deeper into restoring the organic, krystalline architecture of your feminine body.
This is a personal practice based, monthly subscription that entices you to stay engaged in meeting yourself in your body on a regular basis – no matter whether you are new to this level of emotional alchemy, it’s about starting from exactly where you already are now.

So you are totally new to female embodiment?

You are so welcome here.

So you have been teaching women’s wisdom for many years already?

Welcome to a place where you can go deep, and luxuriate in receiving it all just for yourself.

So you’ve already learnt some feminine practices and you want to go deeper learning from the Founder of Female Embodiment Yoga who specialises in spiritual-sexual sovereignty?

Welcome to this community of devoted women and practitioners of the Feminine Arts.

You’ll be given in depth classes and support that has been highly effective for thousands of women already, so you can feel this profound transformation in your life, and keep unlocking your feminine potential, with the Tigress approach that will alter your reality.
As a
You will receive

2x Live Tigress Embodiment Elixirs/ month

Tigress is a deep practice of female instinctual wisdom, emotional alchemy deep feminine sexuality and self-sourced alignment. It will amplify your sacred female power with ease, in somatic resonance with a focused community of women from around the world….this will change you!

2x Tigress Somatic Meditation Class / month

When meditation is somatic based (about embodiment) and intended specifically for women, it aligns you with your natural inner resources to support you entering deeper into your body, beyond your mind, resulting in feelings of embodied safety in your process of personal awakening.

1x Group Mentoring Meeting / month

Once activating and expanding your lady powers with Tigress, many questions arise, because the effects in your life are obvious. These meetings help you integrate the changes into life off your mat, and help bring understanding to what you are experiencing. It’s also a great chance to hear from other members.

Recordings of everything (so you can practice anytime)

If you can’t make it to a live meeting, you won’t miss out. As a member you get your own login access to the Tigress Membership site. Without having to wait for a live class, you can keep going with your Tigress practices several times a week, every day or whenever you choose to. 

The Tigress Membership BONUSES

Extra classes are randomly added to the members site + the you get the entire series from the ‘Essential Feminine Wisdom’ course that hundreds of women from around the world rave about, which has been sold separately for $1997 or $997 as a self study course until now. 

“What a service you are offering to women, to humanity, Devashi

……that you have followed your own inner woman to develop this work and from such a young age blows me away. You are teaching women what women have forgotten to do – to follow their body in its natural rhythm and movement . What a gift! Women need to hear about this and if they choose, make it their daily practice. I feel it’s important for women to know that there is nothing to go ‘get’ out there – that it is all in here, in our bodies. I feel that this kind of work will go a long way in allowing women to open up to their own ‘natural’ woman. Wonderful work.” – Janet McGeever, Facilitator of Women’s workshops and The Making Love Retreat ® for couples

“Tigress really helped me embrace my womanhood

and celebrate who I am physically, emotionally and spiritually – in my most feminine glory. Over the years of working in a high pressure corporate job, I felt I had hardened up, become masculated and closed off from my feminine energy. This practise helped me fall back in love with my body & heart and opened up my sensual authentic expression again!” – Rosie Rees, Yoni Pleasure Palace

“As a student of Dévashi’s I am constantly blown away by her depth

….of understanding, passion and creativity in facilitating women’s direct access to their own divine gifts. The culture and community which Dévashi has created encourages me to embrace joy and pleasure on all levels as my birthright, not something I have to “deserve” or “earn”, and certainly not something I have to apologise for ever again! My doing so has re-set the reference point for all those in my realm, including the women with whom I have the honour of sharing these profound practices. Thank you Dévashi for shining the torch so brightly. You are simply a living treasure” -Nisha Gill, Sacred Female Yoga Graduate & Primal Birth Educator

“I absolutely LOVE Tigress

……and everything that you are, Devashi. This is the most unique feminine yogic practice, I have never resonated with yoga really, so it is such a delight to have found you. Tigress has helped me open my sacral/sexual energy centres in the most gentle and loving of ways, with effects such as greater pleasure, bliss: you won’t be the same after you try it.” – Ezzie Spencer of Lunar Abundance

Dévashi is a dedicated channel for embodied female sovereignty. She is the Founder of Tigress® and Shakti University, and is a leading pioneer of Female Spiritual-Sexual Embodiment. Dévashi has over two decades of teaching experience in sexual alchemy, feminine embodiment, somatic therapy, and as a ceremony guide, having started in 1997. As an evolutionary priestess & somatic psychotherapist, she is dedicated to offering sanctuary spaces for women to build their capacity for holding higher frequencies of restoration and access to their own soul signatures. Dévashi is of the Krystos-Sophia soul bloodline offering initiation, training and alchemical education for women to remember their own ancient Divine Feminine coding.

With her focus on spiritual sovereignty via sexuality, Dévashi shares teachings on women restoring their Sophianic essence for personal and planetary evolution. She has worked extensively with women, men and couples in the practical application of spiritual-sexual wisdom for humanity.

“I deeply believe that each woman who is here for this mission of global Feminine Awakening already has her Original Divine Feminine Blueprint encoded inside her. With the sacred technology of Tigress®, I show you how to unlock your coding through your feminine body, and deepen your chalice container to hold your sovereign frequency with ease.”

Questions & Answers

When does it begin?
It begins as soon as you join, or as soon as you receive your login access email. There are recorded videos to work with in the membership site ready for you. When you join you get a receipt and a welcome email. Soon after you will get the login access to the members site.
Is there a set schedule for the live meetings each month?
No, the meeting dates and times will vary month to month. We always try to find a time that works for everyone in our global community. Times of live gatherings will rotate to make sure everyone can experience some, if not all of the live gatherings wherever possible. If your timezone doesn’t allow you to take part in a live class, all meetings are recorded and are accessible for when suits you. The schedule for the month is emailed at the start of that month.
What are Tigress Embodiment Elixirs?
Founded by Dévashi in 2005-2008; Tigress® is the first primal, tantric approach to embodiment yoga for women’s bodies, hearts and psyches. It is the mother form of true Feminine Embodiment, with comprehensive female mastery teachings for women’s alchemical evolution. Embodiment Elixirs are variations of Tigress, shared within this community for personal use only, to support you in this time of planetary transition.
Why is it not an option to teach Tigress and the Somatic Meditations?
This membership is for personal use only, however Dévashi does offer professional training via Shakti University. Although Tigress used to offer professional training, it is intentionally now here for YOU and is not about commercialising this sacred practice. This membership does not train you to teach others, and it is a violation to co-opt this original work for commercial use, however professional training to teach your own unique version of Sacred Female Yoga is available at Shakti University. Tigress then remains the Mother form for personal practice use only. 
Where do I go for training in Feminine Embodiment/ Female Yoga so I can also teach?
Sacred Female Embodiment Yoga is the most comprehensive Certified Teacher Training available in the world. It is six months of deep learning for teaching Female Yoga and Feminine Embodiment practices, based on the foundational teachings and practices of Tigress – yet it shows you how to apply it in your own authentic way, based on your soul signature gifts, skills and the accomplishments of your personal transformation and areas of interest. Enquire with Shakti University via Dévashi for professional training info.
Do I need to be fit or good at yoga to participate?
Not at all, although there are some strengthening movements at times, this is not an athletic style. However you will find that positive connection with your body will increase, along with self love and fitness levels. Make sure to read the practice guidelines before starting a class and always ask for support when needed.
What are Somatic Meditations?
This unique approach founded by Dévashi is more like a full body prayer, where you get to experience yourself as the channel you are between Heaven and Earth. It involves connection with your female body rather than dissociation from it in order to meditate. It is a very different approach to meditation that women love.
Do I need to be good at meditation to participate?
No, this feminine approach to meditation will feels different than traditional/ patriarchal methods, and is intended to be a different experience of meditation than what the male lineages teach.
Why is there a focus on what's happening in the world alongside feminine alchemy & embodiment practice?
This unique alchemy of female embodiment wisdom is meant to include extraction from the matrix, to re-align with your original divine blueprint. It is not just about carving out a cushy spot for yourself in the matrix – if the feminine embodiment work you have been doing is not actually freeing you from this world, you haven’t been learning from a source teacher. What’s shared here has direct relevance to how you are living your life, how you are experiencing yourself in sex and intimacy, and more.
Does the The Tigress Membership have it's own platform or is it via social media?
All the recordings are accessed via your personal login info on an independent platform. This course is not on social media. Reminders for live classes about to happen are posted in the ‘Sacred Female Power’ Facebook group.
What if I need to discontinue my membership, or am I locked into paying for a year?
This is a monthly membership. You can unsubscribe at any time, however if you choose to come back again later, you will be paying the current monthly rate at that time, not what you had before. If your membership participation continues, whatever the rate you signed up as, is the same rate you will continue to pay each month.You are not locked in to any time frame. If you have to unsubscribe, you would need to do so before the next payment date. A monthly rate is incentive to keep committed to your personal inner alchemy practices, to stay engaged in deepening connection with yourself, and be guided by a highly experienced teacher who is the world Founder of Female Embodiment Yoga.