Visioning Process

Your Aligned Transition Into The New Year

You may have noticed that your personal Frequency Alignment is now essential. As we prepare for the new year, let’s do it in a way that’s more committed than ever, to living as your unapologetic authentic Self, through the world uncertainty.

I officially start it off 27th December, but you can tune in anytime until end of January. (This is fully recorded so you can join in when suits you)

Four day, step by step visioning alchemy process, guided by Dévashi Shakti

* 50% of your payment goes to families in need in Bali

About Your Guide

Dévashi Shakti is a pioneering founder in the world of Sacred Feminine wisdom and Female Embodiment, with a few decades of experience. She is known for her dedication to helping women claim their sovereignty, and to wield that aligned empowerment in life, love, spirituality & business.

“I’m looking forward to going deep with you, for this third and final year of sharing my Visioning Process. It will be focused on consolidating your experience of 2020, and focused on what it takes to claim your inner alignment in 2021 – no matter what. Yes some things might be out of your hands in these times, however what you are definitely in control of is YOU.”- Dévashi

* 50% of your payment goes to families in need in Bali

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