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Sacred Female Embodiment Yoga 200hr Teacher Certification

Sacred Female Embodiment Yoga™ 200hr Teacher Certification:

Whether you wish to immerse yourself in six months of personal learning in women’s temple to establish your own personal practice at home, OR you wish to learn how to bring Feminine Embodiment into your teaching, this Teacher Training might be what you are looking for. With this initiation into your depths of womanhood, you will become skilled to share Feminine Embodiment/ Female Yoga, in your own unique way.

Dévashi Shakti is the international leader & founder of Female Yoga, which is about embodying Sacred Feminine wisdom, rather than following the Hatha Yoga tradition from male lineages. She created Tigress Yoga® from 2005 and began teaching public classes in 2007 It’s the mother form of modern feminine embodiment yoga for women’s bodies.

Sacred Female Embodiment Yoga is specialised for women’s anatomy, physiology, fertility, sensuality, sexuality, emotional detoxification and stages of life for health, embodiment, wellbeing & empowerment. It’s where the mystical feminine teachings meet the very practical learning about how our bodies function best.

This six month long training is partly online and also live. We will meet in an exotic location to dive deep into initiation in the women’s temple, and complete your Yoga Teacher Certification. 

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